Early Years

From the U.S. to Africa and Australia
Born in Brooklyn, New York to cultural pioneers Dr. James Scott Kennedy and Janie Sykes-Kennedy, Sheila lived in Ghana, West Africa and Adelaide, Australia as she was growing up.  Her father was an esteemed professor of Theatre Arts at Brooklyn College in New York since 1959 and, for many summers during the 1990s, taught at the United States International University Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.  Sheila and her siblings visited him there and participated in his Now Africa Theatre Company productions.  Those experiences fueled her love of travel and the arts, as well as the sense that anything was possible.  Sheila was privileged to grow up around icons like Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Smokey Robinson, and have celebrities in her own family including film and TV stars Leon Isaac Kennedy and Jayne Kennedy Overton
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