Family Fun

Daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin

From big sister and doting aunt to devoted daughter and beloved cousin, Sheila was committed to family and surrounded by love. The historical Kennedy Family Home in Addisleigh Park in Queens, New York was host to many gatherings over the years – from birthdays to Christmas dinners. Sheila’s father would usually be playing the piano in the living room leading a musical jamboree or holding court at the dining room table with lively debate for hours. Her mother was the consummate host. With many aunts, uncles and cousins on both the Sykes and Kennedy sides, Sheila would also spend time in the North Carolina and Virginia areas, as well as in Southern California. When her nephew Daniel came into the picture, she would help with his popular backyard birthday parties and other activities such as Easter egg coloring. He spent time in Los Angeles when she was married and joined her on vacation in Maui. Sheila was also “pet mom” to Little Sweetie, her adorable Yorkshire Terrier – who was small but had a big personality.

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