Mentors & Friends

Jesse Hill, Jr., Charles T. Williams, Tao

Sheila was blessed to have incredible mentors and friends. To complement her father’s creative genius, mentors Jesse Hill, Jr. and Charles T. Williams provided business guidance. Mr. Hill was a civil rights activist and led the Atlanta Life Insurance Company as president and CEO from 1973 to 1992. He mentored legendary political and business leaders like Ambassador Andrew Young and BET founder Bob Johnson, and still made time to mentor Sheila and Terri – often calling at 6am to check in for a progress report. Mr. Williams was a former Tuskegee Airman and prominent business leader. He led the Booker T. Washington Foundation in DC which focused on economic development for the Black community and, along with his sister Rachel Robinson, helped to establish the Jackie Robinson Foundation in 1972. Mayor David Dinkins also provided career guidance to Sheila, as well as advice during the family’s guardianship ordeal. After Sheila’s divorce, historical icon and yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch offered much-needed light and positive energy. Janie and Terri were her biographers, and co-wrote two award-winning books with Tao. A connecter and natural people person, Sheila also treasured her many long-time friends.

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